About Me

I have worked as an art director, senior art director and ACD in Sales Promotion and Promotional Marketing for most of my career. The many brands I have worked on include Kraft Singles, Lunchables, Mac & Cheese, Tombstone Pizza, Oreo Cookies, Ritz Crackers, Triscuit Crackers, SourPatch Candy, the Jim Beam Brands (Jim Beam, Red Stag, DeKuyper Liqueur, Sauza Tequila), P&G brands at Target, CoverGirl, Febreze, Thermos, Ertl Toys and The Bagster Bag. Each brand has it’s own unique personality and message to tell the consumer. Conveying that brand image and the products attributes is like telling a story. That’s how I see it.

My passion has always been drawing, and telling stories. Following that passion, I have also drawn storyboards for TV ads, designed costumes for The Emerald City Theatre, and was a concept artist and character developer for Dreamation Animation Studios, both located here in Chicago. Currently, I am working on a graphic novel with my son and freelancing as a graphic marketing artist. 

I love to draw and make things happen. Sometimes a quick sketch gets you there faster!





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